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  • 7588LO - for Sharp XQ315, XQ320 Pk of 6
    Suitable for: Sharp XQ315, XQ320, XQ340, XQ345, XQ370, XQ380, XQ550, ZX320, ZX330, ZX370, ZX380, ZX400, ZX405, ZX410, ZX420, ZX500, ZX505, ZX507, ZX510, ZX515, ZY1000 Typewriters ..
  • Sharp  PA3000, QL110 - 7624LO Lift Off Tape r  Pk of 6
    Suitable for: Sharp PA3000 Sharp PA3000H Sharp PA3000S Sharp PA3000X Sharp PA3020 III Sharp PA3030 Sharp PA3030 II Sharp PA3030 III Sharp PA3030S Sharp PA3100 Sharp PA3100 II Sharp PA3100E Sharp PA3120 Sharp PA3120E Sharp PA3130 Sharp PA3140 Sharp PA3140 II Sharp PA3140 III Sharp PA3140S Sharp PA331..